IBE is a Proactive organisation with a team running the business full time.

Many other organisations are either Social Groups or Not for Profit groups.  Generally, these groups are secondary to the founders primary job.
Neither one has a full time dedicated team running the business.

IBE has a website to share lots to members information.

Each member has a Profile page to share all their Company details.

There’s a News page to keep the public updated and we have our Social Media outlets.

There is also a Members News page to share any special offers to members.

Certainly. Once you become a member you have direct access to all the other Members.
However, as this is a private membership, the list is NOT open to the public.

We have a range of 6 packages to choose from.  They go from Sole Trader at £300 for a full years Membership and Marketing to our Corporate Sponsors at £5,000 for a full year including special advertising.

There’s a vast difference in the amount of Marketing, Advertising and Business Development in each package. See the Membership Page for full information.

IBE Have monthly events for members and visitors to attend 

The Profile page is your opportunity to promote your Business to the other members of IBE. Think of it as your “Shop Window”. You control this page so changes can be when needed.

It’s important that you deliver a crystal clear message to others on what exactly it is you do.

Be precise on how you can help other members.  Include all your contact details.
If possible share some special offers to other members.

To login visit https://irishbusinessenterprise.com/login/

This will vary from member to member. There are no hard and fast rules.

Initially we will start with Open Evening Networking events. Venues will vary round the region. As our members grow we will arrange a variety of events subject to the members needs

No hidden charges whatsoever.  Any business shared between members costs only what’s agreed between members.  IBE does NOT charge commission.

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