Many organisations concentrate on running public events, open to everyone.  IBE works soley with our Members. Our aim is to do all we can to develop your Business as you want it to grow.  After a 1-1 we understand your ideal audience and work to find contacts within that sector for you. We set you up for 1-1 meetings with potential clients.  And more…..

We also hold the “Get out of Jail” card for trading directly with the European Union irrespective of the outcome of Brexit.

Many companies are time poor today so instead of you constantly searching for your ideal client, which can involve lots of hours out of office, IBE will bring the clients to you.  We make direct introductions to potential clients within the sectors of your choice.

On our site each Member has a Profile page to share all your Company details directly with other Members. At a glance, others realise your business type.  There’s also a Members News page to share any special offers witih members and to choose the offers you may find useful.

Certainly. IBE is a private, online membership. When joining your group we give you the option of being introduced to other Members or not.  Once you become a Member you have direct access to all the other Members. The Membership list is NOT open to the public.

IBE has a range of 4 packages to choose from.  Prices depend on your number of staff and covers 1yr membership. They start with £300 for up to 3 staff. The high end is £2,000 for Corporate Sponsorship including TV air time.

There are varioius differences in the amount of Support, Marketing, Advertising and Business Development in each package. See the Membership Page for full information.

IBE arranges regular Marketing Meetings for Members and a few open events throughout the year

The Profile page is your opportunity to promote your Business to the other Members of IBE. Think of it as your “Shop Window”. You control this page so changes can be made when needed.

It’s important that you deliver a crystal clear message to others on how exactly you can help them. Be precise on what it is you do.  Include all your contact details, including your Twitter handle etc. If possible share some special offers to other members.

To login visit https://irishbusinessenterprise.com/login/

You will need your password so please make a note of it

This will vary from Member to Member. There are no hard and fast rules.

IBE is not an Events Organiser.  Instead, we set up Marketing Meetings for our Members. To date, our numbers have varied from 7 to 33. This depends on getting the right sectors together. Venues will vary round the region.  We arrange a variety of Members events within the sectors requested by our clients. We also run open events on St. Patrick’s Day, Summer Holiday and Christmas.

IBE has no hidden charges whatsoever.  Any business shared between Members costs only what’s agreed between members.  IBE does NOT charge any introduction fees or commission.

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