Mr. Corbyn Manifesto Nov 2019

Election Manifesto Week 18 Nov 2019

November 22, 2019

This has been a busy week with each party announcing its Manifesto. Interesting to hear the promises of each party.  But it’s unbelievable to see the level of conviction which some are delivered. How come, so many people today seem to take everything at face value? Few seem to question anything.  No one stops to […]

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Jo Cobarn BBCNov 2019

Who Really Cares about the Facts Now?

Earlier in the week, Victoria Derbyshire had a group of 20 young people, aged between 18 – 25, for one of her morning sessions.  This panel was led by an independent lady studying “feedback”. The group was generally discussing what young people think about our present political situation.  This was a fired up bunch each […]

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Brexit ending Payments


September 23, 2019

Is the UK leaving the European Union by 31 October 2019?  Personally, I think not but, for now, that’s irrelevant.  From the start, back in 2016, I preached about the importance of “Plan B”.  Whatever the outcome we need to be prepared.  We cannot afford to sit around with our heads in the sand waiting […]

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David Kirwan Sept 2019

“Mersey Landlords Facing ‘Overly Harsh’ Penalties, says Leading Lawyer”

September 15, 2019

This year, rather than Networking on all aspects of business, I’m focused on what I know best – Hospitality.  This included the actual Hotel and Apartment Owners.  Through these contacts I’m been introduced to other Commercial Property Owners and Investors. Amazing how much I’ve learned on a topic I had no previous interest.  The rules […]

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PROFESSIONAL LIVERPOOL Creative, Digital and Teck Sector Group Professional Liverpool has been going from strength to strength for some years now. I’m delighted to be a Member with access to the diverse range of events they run for themselves and for other organisations.   For Full Calendar 2019   A few months back “Professional Liverpool – […]

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