IBE. Supporting business Internationally

At Irish Business Enterprise, we provide a high quality, business to business service for companies across Merseyside and North West England and beyond.
Essentially, we support Irish businesses throughout the region, and help them to generate business opportunities for each other.

Our dedicated team provide a range of extensive business support services, including Professional Networking, Event Organising and Proactive Marketing.
We have a proven track record assisting businesses across a wide variety of sectors and industries, and providing a broad range of Marketing and Business development services.

The Target Market

‘As an Irish business person, naturally the affairs of the Irish business community have always been close to my heart. What’s more, I’ve always done my level best to support initiatives.

However, one development above all convinced me that I had to do more. A while back I was invited by two local Irish Charity fundraising events on the same evening. How bad was that!

The sad thing was, I and everybody else at either event – would have happily attended both events – given the chance. Not being WonderWoman (lol) I can’t manage two places at one time just yet!

There and then, I was convinced that the Irish Business Community had to get organised, to get its act together. IBE is the forum to do exactly this.
We can help companies and organisations, large and small, to work together, support each other, and derive mutual benefits from building relationships.

As you know, the business people of Merseyside have a very strong affinity with Ireland. With the excellent sea and air links between Liverpool and Ireland, regular commuting to and from Ireland is both practical and pleasurable.

IBE exists to build on these links, to facilitate relationships and really help the business communities on both sides of the Irish Sea grow and prosper.

I hope you’ll join us and realise the undoubted benefits for your own business.’
Agnes Fitzgerald, Co-founder and Director

Liverpool and Ireland. A connection going back centuries

A quick glance at a map tells you a lot. A brief look through the history books tells you the rest. Liverpool’s links with Ireland run deep indeed – economically, politically, and socially. There’s scarcely a family on Merseyside without an Irish connection. For more evidence, take a look at the sporting roll of honour, studded to this day with names like Gerrard, Rooney and Carragher.

What does it mean to you, as a local, or indeed Irish, business person?
It’s no secret that business goes better when people get on, when there’s common ground, common history, shared passions and outlooks. At no time is this more important than when you’re looking to break the ice, such as at a networking event.

What’s more, there are no people warmer, more open or more welcoming than the Irish. A good deal has been inherited by the Merseysiders in their DNA. Together, we’re stronger than ever as you’ll discover at IBE.

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