Networking with Signing Choir 2020 1

IBE is constantly fulfilling your ideas to run amazing Coffee Gatherings. This is your platform to showcase your business. Let me know what you need. Is there someone you really want to meet with but just can’t make it happen?

I’m constantly asking people what they need etc. My aim is to use the Coffee platform for others to promote themselves but without the sales pitch.

Those of you who know me, know that I’m always promoting others. The key to your success with us is primarily that I’m your eyes and ears out there.  I talk about you all the time while you crack on with your own life.

I’ve had a big request to start 2020 on a high. So we’re doing exactly that with “Hope in our Heart…” at Hope St Hotel Liverpool.
Thank you, Charlotte.

Date: –                    30 January 2020 – 10.00am – 11.30am
Dress Code: –        Casual – Relaxed
Cost: –                     £15.00

Most requests is for an awesome start, with some simple yet profound business ideas.  Who better to deliver than Chairman of “Adore Group” Sean O’Neill! Sean is an innovative entrepreneur and very successful businessman with over 20 years’ experience developing businesses.

If you would like to be involved with any or all the above, if you’re interested in Showcasing at our Coffee Gatherings or seeing Sean’s Presentation, tell me.

You can subscribe to Agnes – IBE Events by
agnes@agnesfitzgerald or send a TEXT to 07944 785 409

Once you are part of the team, we then find ways to help you move forward.