Election Manifesto Week 18 Nov 2019

Mr. Corbyn Manifesto Nov 2019

Election Manifesto Week 18 Nov 2019

This has been a busy week with each party announcing its Manifesto. Interesting to hear the promises of each party.  But it’s unbelievable to see the level of conviction which some are delivered.

How come, so many people today seem to take everything at face value? Few seem to question anything.  No one stops to work out HOW all this will come to be.

Crowds are gathered around each Leader prepared to believe every promise mentioned.  Where have some of these people been living! What planet are they on?  With all our technology and modernisation, I believe that people generally are naiver.  Few can THINK for themselves.  If you have a challenge just “Ask Google…” What’s happened to our brain?

Today was Labours turn to reveal what in their “Santa” bag….
Jeremy Corbyn has launched the most radical Labour manifesto in decades, promising an “investment blitz” that would leave no corner of the UK untouched and welcoming the hostility of billionaires, big business and dodgy landlords.
  There’s something in it for all of us – lots of freebies for all at the cost of the taxpayer…
Oh, but the “taxpayer” is you and me!

Do they have ANY real idea of the cost of Broadband throughout the length and breadth of UK? Or who runs the best, fastest services etc?  They want to work alongside BT for speedy progress – BT who is so “superfast” it only takes them a few months to set up ONE telephone in a new office where all the lines and cables are already in!!!!! WoW! So, at what speed will they get to the mountains and moorlands of this Country?  Don’t hold your breath guys!

The party said the policy, estimated to cost around £20bn, would be partly paid for by high taxes on internet companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Google by raising corporation tax to 26%.

I wonder if Labour have heard of “Global” Trade….
Can they honestly believe that if a Labour Government starts taxing large Multinational companies up to their eyeballs that they will remain trading in the UK?
Years back, Amazon, Google, Apple and others moved their main offices to Ireland where tax is far lower- presently only 12%. Who would stay here to pay DOUBLE +? There will be NO Hi Tech companies left here to tax.  So that promise is out the window.

Yes!  More votes – but where exactly does this money come from.  Who is paying the extra tax to cover the wages?

For the first time since the end of WW2, UK hit the peak of New Homes in 1977 when 350,000 were built.  Since then it’s generally been a steady decline year on year but don’t take my word for that – https://fullfact.org/economy/house-building-england/

Today, when the Country is at an all time low, Mr. Corbyn pledges to BORROW the money needed to build 100,000 EVERY Year.  Where is his magic want!!

Some of the basic matters to be discussed and PROVEN before you take his word for the new homes include: –

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