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Is the UK leaving the European Union by 31 October 2019?  Personally, I think not but, for now, that’s irrelevant.  From the start, back in 2016, I preached about the importance of “Plan B”. 

Whatever the outcome we need to be prepared.  We cannot afford to sit around with our heads in the sand waiting for others to make a move.  No way am I hanging about waiting for someone to tell me what to do with my business.  Part of the reason I became Self Employed was for the freedom of making my own decisions.

So, what’s your Plan B?  Do you know your options? Have you decided where you want to be – what are your goals? Come “All Saints Day” – 1st November, if the worst comes to the worst what happens now?

There has been some conversation on what our rights to Import/Export to and from Europe may be but I’ve heard little on the domestic side.  What happens to cross-border divorce after Brexit?  How about cross-border parental responsibility? What if there’s a dispute on cross-border maintenance?  And lots more……

Here’s a few Tips you make like to check –PROOF OF UK SETTLEMENT

 Exactly how much of this was thought through before taking that vote of a lifetime? How could so many people be so irresponsible to act on a lifechanging activity with NO facts?  Complaining that the Government did not share the full facts is no excuse.  You were prepared to tick the LEAVE box without any clues as to what the hell you were agreeing to.  Did you write a list of questions on what you need to know BEFORE your decision!!!!

Conversations suggest that abolishing the “Common Agricultural Policy” would lower food prices.  Perhaps it would but they forgot to mention the extra tariffs to cover the cost of manning all the different borders throughout Europe!  So the overall outcome on the cost of food will see a steep rise.

One of the reasons for the UK being in the sorry state it is today is partly due to some of the public been unprepared to take responsibility for their own lives. People live from day to day on another Planet. They act without a single thought on what the consequences will be.  Some behave like robots – their brains seem to be pre-programmed for them. Then, when it goes all wrong, they blame the authorities and society.  The mind boggles…

One of the arguments put forward to show the benefits of a no deal is that it would give the UK a chance to wipe the slate clean and start afresh.  It would disintegrate the present complex agreements with Europe.  Then UK could look forward to starting “new relationships” which would be on their own terms.

Firstly, who in their right mind would want to start “new relationships” with the UK after witnessing its appalling behaviour over the last 3yrs! Secondly, when you do enter new Tread agreements it’s a TWO WAY path – not simply on “your terms”. 

It’s interesting to see how different Leaders are cherry picking the bits they want to offer their followers and totally ignoring other parts.  It’s also interesting to hear the Labour Leader promise he will get the best deal.  Why has he not accepted that, like Prime Minister Johnson and Mrs May before that, he will be refused a new deal because the 27 Countries in the EU, who made the deal, said NO – we are NOT changing the deal.  So, exactly how dumb does Mr Corbyn think his followers are as he promised them another thing he cannot provide?

At the Labour Conference today there’s a lot of talk on how the party must pull together and decide which side of the “Brexit fence” they are on.  Isn’t this behaviour more proof of the misunderstanding of Brexit? Brexit was never Party Politics. It was an Independent National vote for everyone to make their own decision, irrespective of what party you vote for. Because of this you cannot expect any Party to be all in agreement with “Leave” or “Stay”.

Until the “Ego Trips” end and people stop acting just for their own ends, this Country will remain a mess.  At some point we must have a strong leader who actually cares for the Country, for the “Greater Good” of the people as a whole but don’t hold your breath……


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