Should I Laugh or Should I Cry!!!

Politics is an area in which I have never shown much interest.  People, on the other hand, intrigue me.  The behaviour of humans can be fascinating.  Once Brexit started to gather momentum I got interested in the overall behaviour of our Government, the opposition and the people.  Some of what I have witnessed is unbelievable. 

Initially, we had the shock of the “Leave” vote winning.  Totally unexpected, the Government had to rethink this whole situation.  They were obliged to go with the peoples vote – irrespective of how disastrous the outcome may be.

Somewhere along the journey of Brexit many Leaders – irrespective of Party – seemed to totally forgo the PURPOSE of Brexit and replaced it with EGO.  The whole project has run into a “personal power” identity crises. Best interest for the Country, for its economy and its people has been totally lost.  Many are behaving as if they are playing some “online” game.  Reality is gone out the window.

Repeated words from our Prime Minister include “The Backstop must go, it’s just intolerable for UK”

Well, words constantly repeated by me, Mr Johnson, are “tough sh-te”!!!

Just because something in Ireland doesn’t suit the UK Prime Minister is neither here nor there! It’s absolutely NO reason to get rid of it.  The Backstop suits Ireland very nicely thank you so there it shall stay.

Why on earth is Mr Johnson so dumb as to think, in 2019, he can govern Ireland! Yes, the UK governed part of Ireland back in the dark ages but, in case he’s not aware, we now live in the 21st Century where Ireland is self governing. We’re all grown up there now!

Then why would the people of Britain believe Mr. Johnson can deliver a promise on something over which he has absolutely no power?

The overall approach and expectation of Brexit has been ridiculous from the outset. The whole behaviour has been a disgrace to the Country.  From the day of the Referendum back on 2016, in my world, just about everything to do with Brexit has been a shambles.  At no point has there been any REAL concerns by our Leaders or the “Leave” voters as to what’s best for this Country and its people.  Many of the Leaders have only been concerned about themselves.  Their egos are so massive, obtaining the best Business outcome for all of us had been totally ignored.  

There’s this ongoing arrogance which has blinded people from the truth.  The beliefs from history, that the UK can still govern the World, irrespective of right and wrong, of what others want and what’s best for the Country, is rife.  “We want it so we shall have it” attitude fills the air.

Sadly, I believe the real “wake up” call is close at hand and it will come with massive damage, loss, and hurt to many of us.  Our Leaders involved in bringing it about may not be affected. They’re already financially secure without depending on future Trade.  They can take their wealth and sail off into the sunset. 

At the end of the day, this disaster has been brought about by the people on the ground who, in their infinite wisdom, chose to vote to leave the European Union. How on earth could intelligent, responsible human beings vote so blindly for something of such importance without doing their homework?  

It’s all well and good in hindsight saying they were conned – they were not given the full facts, the pros and cons.  But did ANY of the “Leave” voters stop and REALLY look at what they were doing?

Did any of them stop and think for a moment?  Surely, if they had, if they behaved in a sensible manner for the benefit of all, their behaviour would be very different.  I know people who voted to leave to get back at Mr Cameron…. what the hell do they mean by that?  Voting out of spite rather then for their own benefits.  Madness…

So, what happen now to the ordinary man and woman on the street?  To the Businesspeople working their socs off to provide for the family?  The chaos to come is unimaginable, so much so you could not make it up if you tried. 

The ONLY good thing to come of all this disaster and mayhem is a legendary, record-breaking, box office smash-hit!

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