Brexit: Is the Bank of England Optimistic?

Bank Struggling to see through Brexit Fog

Brexit: Is the Bank of England Optimistic?

“The Bank of England has cut its forecasts for UK growth over the next two years”. This is a top story in today’s News…

Can we really call this “News”?  Surely this has been on the cards for the last 12mts! People must realize that a “No-Deal” Brexit will hit the economy like a ton of bricks? Already, just this week we see holiday makers suffer with a drop in the value of the pound.  The currency slid against the euro, falling to €1.0881 at one point. This affects ALL of us!

Do People really understand the impact of Brexit – especially if we end up with a “No Deal” Brexit? Do you understand the massive costs which will need to be in place to set up for a new way of trading in the UK?
Where exactly is all this money coming from?

Soon, many of the things we have taken for granted over the years, to just land on our table will prove challenging.  There may be a rude awaking as to where exactly thinks come from!  What’s involved in the life span from manufacturing to landing on our doorstep. If borders slow down transport then delivery will take much longer.

The time scale in delivery – such as next day delivery from online shopping – will die. We’ll be back to the “good old days” when we seemed to wait forever for our new item to arrive and then we treasured it.

There’s also money for stockpiling medicines to ensure continued supplies and a national programme to help businesses. But how long can this go on for? And just exactly how much can we stockpile?

Some councils say a no-deal Brexit could threaten their ability to deliver services. Many struggle as it is….

Bank Struggling to see through the Brexit Fog
Faisal Islam – Economics Editor

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