June Mix


Last Thursday IBE Lunch was at the Pullman Hotel, now officially declared the BEST Hotel in Merseyside. 

This month our Theme was on Finance and Legal Services and our numbers were a simple 25. For me, around this number is excellent for Professional Networking.  I like our lunches to be civil, relaxed and enjoyable.  We have plenty of excellent food to suit any food allergies or Vegan and Veggie and refreshments are flowing.  I must have my tea pot!!!!

Once details like these are perfect, and they always are with Adam’s due care at the Pullman, then everyone is happy.  Business conversation and chat flows creating juicy business opportunities for everyone.

A perfect setting for a perfect Professional Networking lunch, complete with the right outcome. 

And the proof……
Guests get in touch asking for 1-1’s… Isn’t that the whole purpose of the Lunch?

Dear Richard and Agnes,
“Thank you for inviting me to today’s event and welcoming me so warmly, it was very much appreciated
I hope to see you again very soon.”

“Many thanks for inviting me to your event yesterday. It has been very useful and as always has been organised very well. Perhaps we could arrange a call or a meeting over the coming weeks to have a follow up on this?”

“Thanks very much for the great hospitality this afternoon. I’m back in the office after braving the elements once again, but we’re very well fed, and I met some very interesting people!”

“Thank you for organising yesterday’s lunch meeting – given the weather, I was pleased to see such a strong attendance.”

Of course, no Networking is complete until we do our Follow up. By close of play today I will have followed up all our Guests at lunch, written my reports on the event for the various Social Media platforms and, will a bit of luck, uploaded the wonderful video done by our very own  AIDAN O’ROURKE Many thanks Aidan for your support.

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