Who is Responsible for Your Life?

Journalist Lyra McKee’s RIP

Who is Responsible for Your Life?

It’s hard work settling into the office today after a wonderful Easter week.  I hope you enjoyed the festive break. I certainly did – both our Church Services and the sunshine. 

From Holy Thursday to Good Friday and on to the Vigil Mass on Easter Saturday evening, I really enjoyed the week. This year we have 2 new Priests and, although they went through each day as we have done in the past, there was something really uplifting in their deliverance.  This time I say Easter Week in a manner I had not considered before. 

In between, I had many relaxing hours in glorious sunshine.  Now that’s something we’ve not had for ages. Then I made the mistake of listening to the News. 

Extinction Rebellion activists took over part of the Natural History Museum in London, happy to destroy our Heritage. They caused a lot of trouble for innocent people going about their daily routine. They hogged the London streets around Marble Arch, Waterloo Bridge, Parliament Square and more, gluing themselves to the ground to cause havoc for innocent bypassers.  Exactly what though has this gang given to other people and to the “Greater Good”? Not a lot I’d say. Perhaps their thoughts were more of their own ego!

Those protesting say they are causing all this grief for the “Greater good of the Public”!!!!! They are doing it to scream at the Government and others to act.  Well, if they want others to “Take Action” for the greater good then they should lead by example, example of doing their bit to help global change.  The example they demonstrated in London shows they have no respect for their fellow human being nor the environment.

How about all these demonstrators stop blaming others for the state of our sad world today and start to take Responsibility! There is such a long list of very simple acts that we can all do to make huge improvements to the world as it is today. Simple thinks like: –

These are just the tip of all the simple actions each and every one of us can take.  Remember, there’s already 1,000s of us doing it.  So, if responsibility was foremost in the minds of the demonstrators who spent so much time harassing people in London and wasting precious time and energy of around 9,000 police officers who were roped in to handle the protest, would their actions have been the same?  Would they really have behaved so appallingly? Or, could they all have put their time to much better use for the greater good of mankind and the Globe!

Next time you want to lash out at authority, may I suggest you first take a step back to check what exactly YOU are doing to improve the situation?  If each of us were to get our own house in order, get rid of any issues, grudges, frustrations or even hatred we may be carrying, just think for the immediate improvements that would have on the world!  

We could see an automatic drop in Mental Health which would bring lots of issues to a close. The knock on effect of this would be amazing. Much of the bombing could cease. Perhaps our Journalist, Lyra McKee, would still be alive today and lots more….

It’s VITAL we stop this “blame culture”. EVERYONE must learn to take RESPONSIBILITY for their own lives. We should all be proud to do this

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