Trade from the Irish Perspective

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Trade from the Irish Perspective

This is the Irish perspective of being prepared for Brexit….
 Getting Ireland Ready for Business with Brexit

Remember, Ireland is NOT the Country leaving the EU and yet, look at all the preparations it’s putting into place.  Ireland is taking this very seriously. It understands just how much Trading with UK will alter if it leaves the EU.

Can the same be said about some Businesses in the UK?  Personally, I think not. 
I believe too many are drifting along waiting for confirmation – confirmation on a Deal or No Deal. But, by the time you get that conformation it will be too late.  You may well have missed the boat to continue Trading directly with the EU Countries.

Ideally, do your homework. Know who your ideal customers are and where to find them. Then work out a route to market secure those customers. If that involves trading overseas then make that passage as smooth as possible.

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