Airbua Leaving UK


Today the News Headlines are about Airbus leaving UK.

People are shocked.  Why? This is just another one of the many stories in the News this last week of BIG Businesses leaving UK because of their fear of the damage Brexit will cause.  They are putting their “Plan B” in place. They see the urgency of the Get Out of Jail card now.

James Dyson, a massive Brexiteer, has already announced he is moving HQ to Singapore.

P&O Ferries is changing their UK Flag on the ships to a Cyprus Flag
P&O Ferries Change UK Flag to Cyprus

Sony and Panasonic are moving their Europe HQ to the Netherlands to avoid Brexit Disruption  SONY to Move Europe HQ to Avoid BREXIT Disruption

These are just a few of the many devastating stories which Businesses in the UK must look forward to.  Don’t forget, ALL these disastrous consequences of Brexit will take their toll on each and EVERY ONE of us.  There will be no more “Next day deliveries” …. Never mind the rise in retail prices due to the extra costs on manufacturing caused by delays in supplying raw materials.

What a mess……
How many Brexiteers STOPPED to think about what it is they were voting for? 
How many believed that they could really turn their tea bag into a cup of coffee!
What fairy land do some of these people live in!

Surely, it’s a “no brainer” that if the UK withdraws from the European Union then the way of trading MUST change. Within Manufacturing Companies, the chain of supplies will be broken. This will have a knock on effect of delays at various stages of manufacturing etc.  Overall, it will take longer to deliver the various components to manufacture goods, longer to move them to next stage of development and longer to get them to their final destinations. This will stop our “Next Day Delivery” on many items… We could go back to the “fast” delivery of 30 days! How many of you would tolerate that!

It’s interesting to listen to the comments of people being interviewed on the street by the News Reporters. Remarks like “Oh! Just make a decision and get on with it”.  Well, the “decision” is a little more serious that whether to have a coffee or a cup of tea!

But their remarks clearly show the total lack of awareness of what Brexit is all about. That’s sad as we are dealing with life changing decisions for all of us and the responsibility lies on the shoulders of 52% of the 70% of the population who voted to leave.  What exactly were they hoping to achieve?

Some say they want to go back to the “good old times”, to the British Empire days. 
Firstly, there is no way to reverse time so we can never go back to how it used to be.  Personally, I do not want to go back. Here’s an interesting 2.51min video on why the earth spins!

Secondly, not very many believe that the British Empire days were the “Glory Days” they are sometimes cracked up to be.  They certainly we not great for all of us!

Do we really want to go back to when “…The origins of colonialism lie, in other words, in a time when Britain was still a feudal kingdom, with a parliament but little democracy, and when manufacture was dominated by the handloom rather than the factory”?
Full Story here:- The Great British Empire Debate

One of the many reasons for so much chaos in our Country today is because so many people live in their own fanaticises. Many believe whatever they want to believe irrespective of any FACTS.  They want what THEY want irrespective of how it may affect others and the Country as a whole. Many never check for FACTS.  So many will wave their tea bag and insist it will become a cup of coffee, because that’s what THEY want!  

Thankfully, it seems like people are starting to wake up. The Brexit deadline is looming.  It’s a life changing decision, time to get serious.  The deal on the table is NOT a “Theresa May” Deal.  It’s the deal offered by the EU to the UK. Mrs. May just happens to be the Messenger.  

The vote was to LEAVE the EU.  Why should we get any deal at all when we choose to leave the Club? But without one, the UK will be absolute chaos.

Think very carefully about the final decision here.  It will change ALL our lives for ever.  

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