IBE Farewell to 2018

Brexit Dec 2018

IBE Farewell to 2018

Just 2 days to go to a brand New Year…. How are you feeling?
Are you concentrating on what 2018 brought or is it best to skip and concentrate on the future?

For me, it’s both…. 2018 has been brilliant and I’m really excited about our plans for 2019.

Thanks to all the hoo-ha with Brexit in 2017 I saw a niche to help Businesses in the UK put plans in place to continue trading directly with the European Union irrespective of the Brexit outcome.  There was lots of panic around and many business people were not really thinking straight.  They seemed to put life on hold while they worried about how the “Leaver Voters” and the Government were controlling them.

My idea was to STOP worrying about something you now had little control on and take control of your own business! YOU decide what your future will be. Thankfully, I grabbed this opportunity with both hands and set up “Irish Business Enterprise” (IBE) inviting Richard Dickinson on board as my Business Partner.

In just one year of trading IBE has gone from strength to strength.  As we are an Online Membership much of our time is helping our Members to develop their business to grow and, where relevant, trade overseas.

If interested in an overview check About – Irish Business Enterprise

Throughout the year it’s not been necessary for us to keep you posted on #Brexit.  TV/Media/Radio generally did enough of that. That said, after all the chopping and changing through 2018, there are a few points I’d like to refer to as being vital in the future outcome for Businesses in UK.

Up to the 9th Dec 2018 anything discussed and agreed was almost set in stone. Next big move was “The Vote” on the 11th Dec – just a formality as results were already in sight.  But were they!

Headlines on the 10th Dec 2018 – “Theresa May Aborts Vote…”
Who saw that change coming…

Next, we are told – EU’s top court rules UK can unilaterally end Brexit
Once again, did many expect that to be possible?

And finally, as we draw 2018 to a close where do you believe Brexit stands and how does it affect your future?

Well, pointless asking me but I do have a lot of respect for the “Financial Times”. Here’s their forecast from Dec 2018 to March 2019 –Brexit Timeline

My own BUSINESS advice – depend ONLY on yourselves. 
The old adage – “you get out what you put in” is very relevant here.  Instead of worrying and waiting for instructions which may or may not suit your business, just take ACTION.  Set up your business to trade directly with the European Union irrespective of the Brexit outcome. Whether the UK is finally in or out of Europe, you want to make sure you are IN!

For help on how to do this join Irish Business Enterprise Membership
Email info@ibe.ltd

Together, Let’s make 2019 a Year to Remember!

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