Where has the month of May gone!  It’s been a brilliant social month with lots of Business opportunities.  Our final weekend, the Bank Holiday celebrating the 10 years success for the Capital of Culture, was jam packed with awesome events.  What a mix with the Liverpool Festival, a Bordeaux Festival and, of course, an Irish Festival.  Did you enjoy it all?

Let me start with a massive “Thank You” to AlissaKoopal and her Team at Culture Liverpool  who made it all happen

The Tall ships and the Bordeaux Wine Festival stole the show for me!  Friday lunchtime we started out in the Royal Liver Buildings in the company of Cllr Gary Millar and Stephan Delaux – Deputy Mayor for Tourism and Promotions of the City and Riverside Activities.  Stephan is also President of Bordeaux Metropole Congress.

After some great Networking we went around the tents to taste some top wines complete with some very interesting stories on the vineyards and the various climate needed for the different grapes. My biggest challenge was the fact I had to stay sober as I was “WORKING” that evening!

Yes, IBE played our part in celebrating the Tall Ships in town.  We joined forces with Regus to throw a party.  Regus are on the 3rd floor and gave us a great view of the Tall Ships on the Mersey. It was lovely to see the Ships cruise up the river. Thank you for all your support. It was lovely to see our regular Networkers with a glass of Regus finest Prosecco and Canapés.  Hope you enjoyed the evening as much as I did.

If interested in some of the great pictures, by Ray Farley, IBE & Regus Tall Ships Party

For some up and coming events run by IBE Members check out our Events Page

If you’re looking for new offices have a chat with  Gareth.tudor@regus.com

Regus have numerous outlets throughout Liverpool and the world.  Last time I checked they had 9,000 cities round the Globe.  Once you are a member you automatically have access to all others.  This is brilliant for people who travel regularly.   Check Regus Offices

If there’s anything else we can help you with please let us know… agnes@ibe.ltd


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