Invitation Only Events for IBE Members

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Invitation Only Events for IBE Members

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Irish Business Enterprise is all about taking care of our Members.  We love Networking as it’s a great way to find new business. 

However, if you regularly attend adhoc events then you can waste a lot of time with no useful results.  On average, a Networking event is 4 hrs out of office so just 2 events per week is a day out of the office.  If you choose meetings with no clue as to who will be there, then you’re gambling with your valuable time.  That’s bad for business. It’s very important to know who your ideal audience is and where you are lightly to find them.

At IBE we value everybody’s time.  We work around our Members to help them get the best results from the time they invest in IBE. Part of that work included arranging specialised Networking events.

By arranging “invitation only” events for our Members the results are always awesome.  Guests are handpicked to compliment each other. Sometimes, we match up requested companies.  Everyone has the guest list in advance. It’s rather like a list of warm referrals. You go into the room knowing exactly who will be there and who you really want to meet. That’s how business relationships start.  Then, once you have met each other face to face, you can continue building that relationship online. This saves a lot of valuable time which leads to a more productive business.

Our last “invitation only” event was at the Clubhouse in Chavasse Park, Liverpool. This is a fabulous venue with lots of different rooms and areas to fit your various group sizes.  Vevina Quigley is the new Events Manager and an amazing hostess. Nothing was too much hassle for taking care of our IBE Members. We choose the Deli Board for great variety –
Thank you Vevina for your excellent hospitality and service.

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As a little “Easter Gift” we are offering 10% Discount to any New Members who join over the Easter Festival.

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