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What Independent Business Enterprise (IBE) can do for you

IBE Introduces Business People to Business Opportunities Globally.

We work ONLY with our own Subscribed Clients to give you full support

If interested in Trading Internationally we help you set up offices in Ireland

IBE finds you new Companies to develop Relationships with as potential Clients.

Training included Professional Networking Techniques.

As a Proactive Team, IBE runs a unique Business Development Package.

What Independent Business Enterprise (IBE) can do for you – our Clients

IBE has brought to one platform a world of resources where Businesses can exchange a wealth of business knowledge, support and information to help grow Businesses together in the comfort of your own office.

Many of us work very long hours. Somehow, with all our technology, people seem to be more time poor than ever before. We come across business owners every day who want to attend various Networking events but are unable to commit given their busy diaries.

Let us share your burden by making better use of your precious time. Working with IBE you can reduce the time wasted going to and from adhoc events which may or may not benefit you.  Instead, let us arrange events specially for you. After a chat to understand who your ideal customers are and what exactly it is you wish to achieve from working with IBE, we arrange exclusive events to introduce you to potential clients.  These groups are chosen subject to your sector and needs. You have the opportunity to meet potential new clients. Once you have made face to face connections, you can then continue to do business online knowing exactly who it is you are dealing with.

Meeting up directly with warm leads is far more beneficial that cold adhoc Networking. It’s much better use of your day as there’s no wasted time attending events. By invite only you are guaranteed in advance to find someone of interest to you. This is a great way of balancing your precious time with the importance of finding new clients. It’s smart Professional Networking where you can continue to do business with people you have met without wasting an average of 3 – 4hrs out of office per session.

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