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Develop Business Relationships

Helping Members recognise their ideal Client and so
get more from Networking by arranging
"Invitation Only" events 

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A proven track record
assisting businesses across
a wide variety of sectors
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IBE Members experience
the Tall Ships in Liverpool

IBE joined forces with Regus to play our part in Celebrating 10yrs
Success of Liverpools' Capital of  Culture Members and non Members alike
enjoyed a great party while watching the Tall Ships on the Mersey

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What Irish Business enterprise ltd (IBE) can do for you

IBE Introduces Irish Business People to Business Opportunities.

We have your “Get out of Jail” card for International Trading after Brexit.

Set up office in Dublin for you to Trade Internationally with European Union.

You can target potential candidates from the extensive, ever increasing database.

IBE helps you to develop relationships with new companies as potential clients.

Your Business Profile page will promote your company.

Advertise your special offers FREE via the website, Social Media & wider networks.

As a Proactive Team, IBE is responsive to your changing needs.

What Irish Business Enterprise (IBE) can do for you – our Member

Most of us work very long hours. Somehow, with all our technology, people seem to be more time poor than ever before. We come across business owners every day who want to attend various Networking events but are unable to commit given their busy diaries.

Let us share your burden. By joining IBE you can reduce the time you spend on real Networking while still benefiting from face to face connections. We arrange exclusive events to introduce members to potential clients.  You have the opportunity to meet other members. Once members have met, you can then continue to do business online knowing exactly who it is you are dealing with. This is the best of both worlds.

There’s no wasted time attending events to find no-one of interest to you. It’s a great way of balancing your precious time and the importance of new clients. This is a golden ticket where you can do business with people you have met without having to take an average of 3-4hrs per session out of office.

IBE has brought to one platform a world of resources where you can exchange a wealth of business knowledge, support and information in the comfort of your own office.

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The aim of Irish Business Enterprise is to develop a membership organisation of 1,000 members whose companies have a connection to Ireland or Irish people. We start by connecting likeminded businesses round the North West UK. From there we move across to Dublin and Belfast. In due course we go Global.

The benefits to you, the Members, consist of: –

  • “Get out of Jail” card for Brexit.
  • Business promotions to the right audience for new clients.
  • Set up your office in Dublin to Trade Internationally.
  • Member to member special offers.
  • Together you build Business Relationships for the benefit of all.



Irish Business Enterprise provides a high quality, business to business service for companies across Merseyside.

  • Unlike most Membership groups, IBE is very Proactive.
  • We have your “Get out of Jail” card for Brexit.
  • You are connected with your choice of industry for best client.
  • A dedicated Team manage this site full time to assist you.
  • IBE helps you Trade Internationally directly with EU.
  • We save you lots of precious time with private Networking.
  • IBE respects the culture and ethos of all organisations.
  • Together, make IBE a platform to grow and expand your business.