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We have no boundaries for our business connections. We like to help our Clients to Trade wherever they see potential business. Today Liverpool, Dublin, Belfast and Derry. Tomorrow – wherever is relevant.

Our Goal is to Help You Achieve your Goals
It’s the paradox of our times. Technology allows us to do more than ever before, much faster than before. We can have face-to-face meetings with clients in Hong Kong, and email documents to Sydney or New York in less than the blink of an eye. We can promote new property plans in the way of virtual reality so people can “see” the finished project before ever digging a sod of earth.

Does all of this help us to free up more of our working hours?  Sadly, for many it doesn’t.  Time saving comes, not primarily through technology, but through planning.  Do we really know how to best use our time or do we waste so much precious time pretending to be busy? Taking time out to plan your day is invaluable.

With no sense of direction, no real plan in place, many work longer hours than ever before, still getting nowhere fast. In other words, we’re still time-poor, despite all our devices and apps.
In the networking sector, we notice this most of all. I come across business owners every day who tell me they’d love to attend various events, but simply can’t commit the time.

Generally, the time spend on regular, adhoc networking is 2hrs per meeting + travel time. For most, this is an average of 4 hrs per event. People rarely plan which events to go to nor do they have a plan to work the room.  Many do not think about who ideal clients are and where to find them.  So, they go to any Networking.  Chances are they will come away very disappointed. They will not pick up new business at the even.

But any Professional Networker will know that. So, thing about it, if we have a room full of Salespeople who exactly are you hoping to sell to? You need some buyers to do that!   

But any Professional Networker will  selling. So, thing about it, if we have a room full of Salespeople who exactly are you hoping to sell to? Your need can help you change much of that.  Without belabouring the point for months on end, we help you to quickly plan the weeks ahead.  I share Professional Networking tips with you to save you precious time. We stop you from wasting many hours trying to sell to salespeople. With IBE you can drastically cut down on timewasting. Then we help you to put your plans in place and successfully execute them.  I like to work backwards – visualise your end position then aim to get there in the fastest time possible and much more.

Instead of you attending adhoc events, IBE runs its own events specially for our clients. These events are invitation only, so you’ll be meeting a hand-picked selection of like-minded people. It’s our business to match our clients to genuine opportunities. These are events where all will meet potential clients because I arrange it that way.  This is where Professional Networking is priceless. Once you’ve established the initial connections, you can continue to build the relationship online to do business knowing exactly who you’re dealing with.  After all, it’s our goal to help you achieve your goals

  Business Development and Training Services offered by IBE


If you wish to understand more about how IBE can set you up to do business in Ireland, then let’s chat by email on agnes@agnesfitzgerald.co.uk or phone us on 07944 785 409.

We also provide top Business to Business Services for companies across North West UK and Ireland who wish to grow and prosper together.

Our dedicated team provides a range of extensive Services, including introductions to potential clients. The more business you do the better we like it.

Our Training Services include: –

  • The Art of Professional Networking
  • How to get the best from Networking events
  • Unique 12hrs Business Development Plan

Before setting up IBE, Agnes Fitzgerald Networker had a 15yr proven track record of assisting businesses across a wide variety of sectors and industries, to grow and develop together.

“ As an Irish business person, naturally the affairs of the Irish business community have always been close to my heart. With my background being Hospitality and Marketing I know the importance of sharing, of supporting each other. If I stand up shouting about “How great I am” I could really turn people off.  If, however, another company shouts about “How great Irish Business Enterprise is” you may just listen saying “I need to check this out”.  That’s the power of collaboration so we must learn to support each other.

IBE is an online forum to do exactly this. It can help companies and organisations, large and small, to work together, support each other, and derive mutual benefits from building relationships together.

I hope you’ll join us by realising the undoubted benefits to grow your own business by meeting new clients who want to use your products and services. I can sing about your praised while you sing about mine!”

Agnes Fitzgerald

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